Finally, something to please the ladies...

Liquid O and Peppermint O are non-prescription, water-soluble gels specifically designed to greatly increase a female’s pleasure during intimate encounters.  They are intended for all women, from those who wish to recapture or enhance their sexual desires, to those who might wish to become multi-orgasmic.  Best of all, Liquid O and Peppermint O are ultra-concentrated, so just one small drop enhances intimate encounters more than ever dreamed possible!

The active ingredients in Liquid O and Peppermint O are the natural amino acid L-Arginine, menthol and peppermint oil. In combination, they create a mild cool and tingling sensation while greatly increasing blood flow to the clitoral area.  Recent double blind studies have determined that the amino acid L-Arginine not only heightens feminine arousal, but improves clitoral sensitivity and increases the strength and frequency of orgasm.  Frequently women report that results improve with successive uses.